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About Us

CEO Message

It is a great honor to introduce you to our company and provide you with a glimpse of our capabilities, standards and core values.

Our company has been registered and established in Iraq for more than ten years and is head quartered in Basra. We have developed an exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable team of 1,700 committed professionals and support staff from more than 21 different countries. The professionalism and client focus of our staff has enabled the rapid development of our company and provides security for the sustainability of our business. Our policies of long-term employment, staff empowerment and supporting the communities where we operate has given us a strong foundation in Iraq.

We are driven by the intense, competitive spirit of the market place, and we direct this spirit toward solutions that benefit both our organization and our customers. We are passionate about everything we do, and we relish the opportunity to form long-term partnerships with all of our clients.

We encounter the usual business challenges, and we remain committed to make sure that we provide our clients with “Quality you can Touch”. Motivation throughout our workforce is nurtured through a common value of respect of diversity and multiplicity that is embedded in all our operations. All personnel are motivated to strive for excellence beyond our clients’ expectations.  

I would like to thank our loyal clients for their unwavering trust and belief from the first day we started operating to the present when we exist as a stronger and bigger entity with the same aim of providing excellence and quality service that is tangible and can be experienced by our clients at all times.

Farazdak Altimimi

Chief Executive Officer

Prime Support

Our History

Previously known as Gulf Catering Company for General Trading and Contracting (GCC SERVICES)

Prime Support General Services, previously known as the Gulf Catering and Contracting Company (GCC SERVICES), was founded in the Middle East in 2003.

The company is dedicated to offering its loyal clients a complete range of life support services.

Our history is in catering, housekeeping and supply services; today we offer  complete facilities management, utilities supply and service management, engineering and construction, maintenance, pest control, events management, and commercial camp lease.  

Grew from a couple of hundred employees in 2003 to over 1,700 employees

Since 2009, the company has worked hard to build our portfolio and has been a reputable and trusted service provider for clients from the United Nations, the oil and gas sector, mining industries, construction and maintenance companies and many other local and international companies operating in Iraq.

From conception to the present, Prime Support General Services has seen tremendous growth and the company has grown from a couple of hundred employees in 2004 to over 1,700 employees currently.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To deliver a full spectrum of remote site services, from a corporate-culture governed by business ethics, that are effective, responsive, innovative and maintain the highest safety standards to protect all our stakeholders and the communities we serve.

Our Vision

To be the preferred integrated remote site service provider through the delivery of best value, innovative and bespoke services for all.

Core Values


Our experience in the field and our passion for quality support and assistance are the key ingredients in ensuring prime client satisfaction.


Values and honour remain our sole commitment, safeguarding our responsibility to the local and global community.


Strive to exceed all expectations. Our business revolves around our clients, listening to what the consumer wants and then execute.


Upholding and fortifying a culture of quality and execution superiority to better serve our clients.


Steadfast in dispensing all our bespoke resources and exceed all expectations.


We take pride in our accomplished and highly experienced staff members who perform outstanding services. Our employees are the company’s most important asset and they live our common goal of service excellence. Our staff members actively work on in improving their skills and our service delivery; teamwork is built through daily cooperation, and fortified by the principles of loyalty, transparency, respect and integrity.

Our employees come from more than 21 countries and are recruited for their level of dedication and skills, which are necessary to manage the complex logistical situations and operations that arise during the delivery of our services.

As an employer of choice in Iraq we look after our employees so that they can take care of yours. We are focused on local content and are 51% Iraqi owned which helps our clients meet their own local content objectives. We ensure that the talents of our local work force are nurtured and that local staff members receive suitable career and development opportunities. Our active recruitment initiatives target skilled and experienced local employees who work under safe and managed conditions and receive above market rate wages for their work.

Iraqi nationals make up 78% of our workforce, and many occupy senior positions within the organization. We are fully complying with the Iraqi labor law and social security and pension law  

To maintain the highest levels of professionalism and support our staff as effectively as possible, Prime Support routinely undertakes training needs analysis to document the roles associated with each position. We also regularly conduct analysis on legislative requirements, and plan HSE training and licensing to ensure that projects meet certification and competency requirements.

Employer Of Choice

Wherever we go, we ensure that our local work force are fully capable of nurturing their talents and receiving suitable career opportunities.

Local communities rewarded our company with the recognition of “Employer of Choice” as a result of our active recruitment initiatives that target skilled and experienced local employees who work under adequate conditions while receiving suitable wages that are above market standards.

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of which many of them occupy senior positions within the organization. We are committed to nurturing our Iraqi talents by providing trainings and Career Development Opportunities. Additionally, all of our Iraqi workforce are listed in the State’s Social Security program.


In an attempt to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and in order to support our staff in the best possible ways, Prime Support follows a routine process of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) that operationalizes the roles associated with each position. Furthermore, the company regularly conducts analytical operations to assess legislative positions and plan the HSE training and licensing, as well as to ensure that projects meet the certification and competency requirements. In addition, such analytical procedures aim at evaluating the statutory health, safety, security and environmental requirements.

Certificate & Safety

Prime Support has achieved the following certifications and accreditations and our policies and procedures are audited for compliance on a continuous basis:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 2200:2018 Food Safety Management System.
  • OHSMS 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control point
  • HABC (UK);Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance Qualifications , International approved center


Into The Community

Instead of simply responding, we encourage our stakeholders to take part in our corporate social responsibility (CRS) initiatives and efforts that are aligned to our principal competencies including:

People (human rights, labor)

Our partnerships capture the real spirit of our organization. We maintain the highest level of integrity in our relationships with our clients, as well as amongst ourselves and with our suppliers and business partners. We endorse the values of practicality, respect and dignity in our daily relationships with all stakeholders.

Environment (recycling, environmental rehabilitation, tree planting)

Our operations always adheres to the environmental and social guidelines established and followed in Iraq and by global bodies.

Society (education support, aid and disaster relief, training)

We are committed to give back to the communities in which we live and work as we appreciate the depth of the impact we can make on the local society in our day-to-day business. Prime Support are a participant in the United Nations Global Compact.


If you would like more information about our services, please contact TENDERS@PRIMESUPPORTIQ.COM requesting a password to access our online questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire will give us the information we need to assess how we can best support your operations in Iraq.